The more you know about your credit the less you have to fear

A good credit score could increase your likelihood of getting lower interest rates on loans and credit cards. Find out where you stand.

Your credit behavior affects important aspects of your life, including:

  • Getting a home loan or a car loan
  • Getting credit (personal loans, credit card)
  • Opening an account (clothing, cellphone, etc.)
Yes, I want to know my credit status
Information is a powerful thing. As a credit bureau Transunion provide you with credit data which credit lenders use to evaluate your credit history when you apply for loans and credit. Your credit report gives you a view of all your debt and payments in the last 24 months.

Benefits of Using TransUnion

Current Credit Score

Keep on top of your credit with unlimited access to your TransUnion Credit Score

Your Credit History

Get a 24 month view on each of your accounts, showcasing good payment habits to lenders. Pay your accounts on time, every month

Get Alerts

Alerts assist you with being in the know for signs of identity theft and enquiries on your credit history via SMS. Alerts are there to ensure that no irregularities happen on your profile

Your Credit Report

You can stay on top of your credit status with unlimited access to your credit report